Suzanne Collins is Coming to TO - Details on Event and How to Get a Ticket!

4:00 PM

Sorry for the late notice on this one guys! Suzanne Collins will be coming to Toronto next Saturday, November 20, in an exclusive Chapters/Indigo event but in order to go you'll need to have a ticket!

250 free tickets will be given away TOMORROW (SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13) at Indigo Yorkdale on a first come first serve basis beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Suzanne Collins will be in town for the following Saturday, November 20 and the event will begin at Indigo Yorkdale at 1:00 p.m. If you get your hands on a ticket, these are the details regarding the event you will need to know:

• Because of an injury to her wrist, Ms. Collins will stamp books with a Mockingjay stamp specially designed for this 2010 tour rather than signing.
• Ms. Collins will only be able to stamp one book per person, and will be unable to personalize books.
• We will have staff members available to take your photograph with your camera as you are getting your book stamped. There will be no posed photography. 

You can also read this info on the Chapters/Indigo events page- just scroll down a little bit to read it.

I was lucky enough to win a ticket already from @indigogreenroom on Twitter, but I might still be lining up again tomorrow morning in case my Mom decides she also wants to go that day since she's reading the trilogy now!  

Are any of you guys planning to try and get a ticket tomorrow?

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  1. wish, wish I could go,,,working that weekend.sigh.

  2. Hello fellow blogger!i am a new follower to your page. Wanted to drop some *love* and tell your your blog is wonderful! I have a new page myself and need some support! would love if you could return the favor and follow.

  3. :(
    I'm so sad that she can't actually sign the books. :(
    I got my ticket!!!!! :D
    I wonder how she hurt her wrist?
    I'm still excited!!
    I'm getting there at 10:00!!! :)

  4. Library Gal- Oh no! That's too bad....

    Anonymous- Yay! Glad to hear you got a ticket and are good to go this upcoming weekend! I will most likely be not arriving that early but I'll be trying to arrive at least an hour before the event starts. :)

    I ended up going Saturday morning and was kind of surprised that there wasn't a huge crowd waiting to get ticket considering I got there right at 9:30... maybe it had to do with the weather? It was pretty foggy that morning....