Spotted! Cover of Illusions by Aprilynne Pike

11:43 PM

Aprilynne Pike just revealed the cover of Illusions, the third novel in the Wings series, earlier this evening on her blog!

Release Date: May 8, 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins Canada

Summary (jacket copy version also taken from author's blog):
** This summary contains spoilers if you have NOT read the previous novels, Wings and Spells, (especially if you haven't read the second one) in the series!!**

"I don't do patrols, I don't go hunting, I just stick close to you. You live your life, I'll keep you safe," Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face. "Or die trying."

Laurel hasn't seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year. Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.

But just as life returns to normal, Laurel realizes that a hidden enemy lies in wait. Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible. And for the first time, Laurel cannot be sure that her side will prevail.

What do you guys think about this cover? The font for the title has been changed from the rather cursive one before which I kind of preferred over this one, but I think the flower is so pretty! The droplet effect is also cool too!

If you think this cover seems a bit out of tune compared to the other ones, the publisher is also slightly redesigning the covers of Wings and Spells which will come out when the paperback version of Spells (also on May 3, 2011) is released.

Do you also enjoy reading this faerie series?

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  1. Wow, that cover is incredible! I still have to read Spells...*shhhh*...

  2. Oh wow, I love the cover! I was actually pretty disappointed in Spells. I'm hoping that this one will pick it back up. I adore the fairies in these books though. They are so beautiful.

  3. I haven't read this series yet but I do like the covers for the other two books better. Not really liking the reflection on the water on this cover.

  4. Oh boo, I hate when they do that! I wish they would have made it look like the other ones.

  5. At first glance, I didn't even notice the reflect and thought it was a mess of a flower, but I looked closer and was like, "Oops!" I'm not quite sure I love the orange-pink colour but the flower still looks nice and now that I know it's a droplet effect, I like it too.

    Katie- I agree, it would have been nice to have it similar to the first two because those were really pretty covers as well, but I guess we'll adjust to this one in time! :)

    Stephany- lol, don't worry, my lips are sealed! ^.~