I'm Heading to Florida!

7:33 PM

Like the title suggests, I'm heading to Florida for two weeks! Tomorrow morning to be exact... bright and early to try to beat the crowds at the border. I haven't been to Florida for a few years, but this year, instead of flying, we're actually going to drive down because let's face it, plane tickets are way too expensive these days. So we're having a road trip! We'll be driving through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and then through Georgia before hitting our destination state. I've never been through these states so I can't wait to check out the scenery!

I'll definitely be bringing my portable DVD player, music, and some books for the VERY LONG car ride. (At least we're stopping at a hotel for one night and not driving all the way down at once- that would be crazy.)

Anyways, for sure, we'll be going to Disney World and Orlando Studios, where I'm so excited to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! From the pictures online, it looks so cool!

I'm bringing my little netbook along, so hopefully I'll be able to post a couple things while I'm away because I haven't really had the time to pre-post anything. 

I'll also have to buy some books while I'm down South... like Mockingjay. There's no way I can wait until I'm back home for it. (I had a similar reaction when Harry Potter 6 came out.. resulting in an American copy which doesn't match the rest of my books in the series, lol.)

But yeah, it will probably be a little more quiet here on the blog front. (I'll post some pics from my vacation when I return home.)

Anyways, I still haven't packed anything... yikes! So I'm off to do some very last minute packing!

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  1. The Wizarding World of HP! Ah I'm so jealous! That place looks so awesome. Have a great trip :D

  2. Enjoy FL! I hope you enjoy my hot, humid home! I haven't been to the HP park yet, wanna wait until the novelty wears down. ENJOY!

  3. You'll have to post all about the HP park when you get back! I'm going next month and haven't actually heard much about it besides bigger people not being able to ride the main ride.

  4. I've never been to flordia but hope you have a good trip!

  5. Thanks guys!! Currently in North Carolina for the night and tomorrow back on the road to Florida! I'll definitely being posting pics, lol.