Indigo Teen Read Awards (plus the After Party) - Part 2!

12:30 PM

Welcome to Part 2 of my Indigo Teen Read Awards experience!

After several months and over 330 000 votes by Canadian teens, these are the 2010 winners of the Teen Read Awards!

 (I can't take credit for this pic. It's a screenshot from the Chapters/Indigo website here.)

Were you surprised by any of the winners? When Prophecy of the Sisters won for Best Villain, a few people gasped aloud and there was some murmuring from the crowd as they realized Lord Voldemort had not won. Everyone applauded soon but if there was one major upset of the night, many people probably thought this was the category. As for myself, I've never read Prophecy of the Sisters but I'm glad it won since HP has to share the wins sometimes, lol. There were also some really close calls like in the Best Writer and Best Hottie category that had me guessing who just might win!

Unfortunately, not all of the winning authors were able to attend, but they had made videos for their acceptance speeches which were still cool to watch! Seeing authors such as Cassandra Clare and Suzanne Collins thanking us for voting for them and reading their novels made us feel all giddy, but you know what was really special? J.K. Rowling had written a letter to express her thanks and gratitude to the Canadian branch of Dumbledore's Army. YES, THE J.K. ROWLING! Dan Levy joked that the letter he was holding was probably worth a lot of money, lol.

While some authors weren't able to make it to Toronto, many others were! Here's Kelley Armstrong accepting the Best Canadian Read award (right pic above). Some of the authors also ventured downstairs from the VIP Author Lounge to mingle with fans and take pictures too, including Melissa de la Cruz, Aimee Friedman and Kelley Armstrong! 

All too soon it felt like, the TRA's were over and all the winners were announced. Time just absolutely flew by! After the awards had officially ended, my sister and I lingered for a little while longer as more and more people began leaving for home. We happened to be at the right place, and at the right time, when one of the organizers approached us and - I'm not joking- literally handed us each a book... for free! And the book I got also happened to be one I really wanted to read but never had a chance to get- The Maze Runner by James Dashner. It. Was. So. Cool! 

Afterwords, we received our swag bags and headed to Indigo Yonge and Eglinton where they were throwing a little After Party for the awards! Some of the authors were there signing stock and also chatting with their readers! Among them, Alyson Noel!

There was also a raffle where some gift cards and a couple Kobo eReaders were given away once again. There were also some yummy-looking cupcakes for sale!

*happily sighs* The TRA's were an experience I'll never forget and I can't thank Chapters/Indigo enough for holding such an a successful event to celebrate YA novels, and giving readers an opportunity to meet some of their favourite authors! And a huge thank you also goes out to all the authors who made their way to Toronto to celebrate the event with us! It was such an honour.

I'll be too old to fit the age limit next year but I'm definitely going to have to force ask my sister to take me along to the next TRA's. To me, the TRA's were so much than a cool award event- they were a chance to really feel the excitement and joy that reading brings to all of us, and it's something that I don't think I'll be forgetting all too soon.

P.S. If you're curious to find out what was in my swag bag, the contents will be included in IMM post later. And if you'd guys like me to, I could also search up some of the acceptance speeches and Monster Factory videos showed that night...

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  1. Looks amazing! I wish I could have gone- sadly I'm too old:( Glad you had fun though!

  2. So fun!! If they have it again I might have to get my cousin's daughter to take me, haha... she likes reading, so she might want to go.

    I can't wait to find out what was in the swag bag!

    I'm reading The Maze Runner right now and I love it!!

  3. So awesome you were able to attend the Teen Read Awards! Also, I too am looking forward to early Canadian Thanksgiving (I loooooove pumpkin pie!) Anyway, stopping by to tag you in an international game of blogger tag! See

  4. Thanks guys, it was such a fun night! I just started reading The Maze Runner and so far so good! :)