Why the name Midnight Bloom?

8:41 PM

In case you were wondering why I use the name Midnight Bloom, there's actually two reasons.

The first one is that I needed a username. Yes, so simple, but whenever I need to think about something at the top of my head, it's amazing how quickly I draw a blank. So, I gave it some thought and went "Hmmm... what should it be?" And then it hit me, Midnight Bloom. My most favourite time to read is late at night, after midnight. A lot of times, especially with school and homework, I don't have too much time but late at night, I'll lie in bed, open a book and start reading. Most times, I'll lose myself so much in the book that when I finally pause and glance at the clock, I always find that it's way later that I thought it would be. Time passes so quickly when you're reading a good book. It's like I'm having my own little awakening.

Second reason. Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. It's one of my my most favourite books series and the name was also inspired by one of my favourite parts in the first book, City of Bones. Chapter 17, The Midnight Flower, is when Jace and Clary finally show that they have some sort of feelings for each other and it's a part that makes me happily sigh every time I read it.

Well, that's that. What about you? Any story behind choosing your usernames?

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