Spotted! Cover of Entice by Carrie Jones

1:16 AM

Correction (Aug 19/10): This is NOT the official cover (it's close though!). Click here to view my newer post to see it and read the plot summary!

Well, what do we have here.... why it looks like the cover of Entice, the third novel in the Need series by Carrie Jones!

After the crazy events last time in Captivate, I'm must... no, I 'NEED' to know what happens next. I mean, Nick is cool and all, but after Astley came along, I need more details!

Now, I'm not sure if this cover is official but I'll be checking back to see if it's confirmed when the news does come. (I'll report back to this post and say if it's true or not.) In the meantime, I learned something I didn't know before on Carrie Jones' website while on the Entice page... there's going to be a fourth book! I'm just the slightest bit worried if adding another book will change the quality of the series, but I'm still hopeful all will be good.

So, before I keep rambling on, here's the cover!

So, what do you think? I think this may just be my favourite cover of the series so far!

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  1. I simply cannot wait for this one! I adored the first 2 and cannot wait for more of the story!

  2. That's a beautiful cover! I haven't read these. They're good? Much romance?

  3. That is one fantastic cover. I love it! And I can't believe there's going to be a fourth one!

  4. I couldn't believe there was a 4th book either but I guess it makes sense because there's a lot of things Zara has to do and I was unsure before how Carrie Jones was going to squeeze things in...

    Kelley- They're pretty good books... I'm sure you'd really enjoy it because it has just the right blend of supernatural, and of course, some romance! The first book is called 'Need'. :)

  5. I havent read her series yet but this cover looks very good.

  6. This series is amazing! you definitley wouldnt be wasting your time if you read it!
    Ive only read the first two but im in love with it! >w<

  7. what is the fourth book called?

  8. Anonymous- I wish I knew what the fourth book was called! Goodreads doesn't even have a page for it yet and I only found out about the fourth book from Carrie Jones's website! Sorry I couldn't be of much help... but I'll be just as interested as you to find out when the time comes! :)

  9. i love the series i can not wait till entice comes out i have begged mum to get it 4 christmas. i read need and captive in 2 days!! i hope u people come to ur sences and read the need series :)