Book Trailer! - Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter

12:00 PM

Hmmmm... so it seems that book trailers are rather popular to watch within our little group! 

Okay, so this book is in stores now and I do own a copy (errr, technically my sister owns it)... but I haven't read it yet which is just sad and shocking for me to say because the Gallagher Girl series is one of my favourite series. Since the book's in my sister's possession, I'm going to have to ask her VERY NICELY if I can borrow it or action WILL be taken. (I must sound scary now.)

If you haven't heard about this bestselling series that centers around Cammie, a girl who attends a boarding school which is actually training its teenage girls to become spies, the order is:
1) I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
2) Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
3) Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover
4) Only The Good Spy Young

I actually had the chance to see Ally Carter at her book signing when she recently came to Toronto... but maybe that's a story for another time...

  Release Date: July 6, 2010
Publisher: Hyperion

If you've read the book already, what did you think? If not, doesn't that trailer make you want to read the books?

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