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Guess what book comes out today that I'm so excited to see finally hit shelves?... CRYER'S CROSS! So yes, a very happy release day to Lisa McMann's latest novel! Lisa McMann is the New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy, but Cryer's Cross is bound to be another hit. Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada, I was fortunate enough to ask Lisa some questions. 

1) Who was your favourite character to write about in Cryer's Cross? 

I loved writing Kendall because her OCD was challenging – my daughter helped me a lot with that because she has OCD. I also loved writing Jacián because his personal growth from beginning to end was so broad. He has good reason to be bitter about his circumstances, and I loved how he rose above that throughout the course of the book. 

2) If you had a playlist for Cryer's Cross, what songs would be found on it?

You’re going to gasp when I tell you I don’t listen to music while writing – it’s very distracting to me. So I don’t often have songs influencing my books. Maybe your readers can come up with some good ones in the comments! 

3) What is it like to write a stand-alone novel compared to a trilogy?

It’s both easier and harder. Easier because you know what you are in for – you need to tell everything about these characters in the space of one book. Harder because each stand-alone requires a whole new set of characters to figure out.

4) The film rights for your Wake trilogy were sold less than a year ago. How does it feel knowing there's a possible chance to one day see one of your novels shining on the big screen? 

I’ve always said that my main goal in seeing a film about my books is to bring more attention and more readers to the books. I think it’s fantastic and I really hope it happens. Cross your fingers! 

5) How do you feel about the subject of parents and/or other adults trying to ban novels such as your own or other YA novels?

As a mom, I believe that parents have every right to decide what their kids should and should not read. But I am not the mom of every kid in the school. Once I try to tell somebody else’s kid what they can’t read, I’ve crossed a line, and I believe that’s not only arrogant, but wrong. As a writer, I feel the same way. If parents don’t wish their kids to read my books, I’m fine with that. Just don’t keep other people’s kids – some of whom really need these characters – from reading. 

6) Can you give any hints or details about your upcoming dystopian series? 

My next series is called THE UNWANTEDS. Book 1 comes out this September. It’s a dystopian fantasy for middle grade and up, about a society where strength and intelligence is rewarded, and creativity is outlawed. Every year, the 13-year-olds are sorted into categories. The strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, and the creative, artistic Unwanteds get sent to their deaths. The book follows twin boys, Alex and Aaron Stowe, as they await their fate.


Thanks so much to Lisa McMann for the lovely interview! (It's actually my very first one!)

If you missed it before, you can read my review of Cryer's Cross here or check out the book trailer here... it captures the feel of the novel perfectly! 

You can also visit Lisa McMann's website here... she's kicking off her Cryer's Cross tour today and will be traveling to several locations in the U.S. According to her website, she's also making a Canadian stop in Toronto on Wednesday, March 23! I'm really hoping I can attend that day!

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  1. 'The Unwanteds' sounds really amazing, wow!

    Also, I totally agree re: banning. So annoying when people think they can push their views on other people. I have every right to not read a book myself, but to stop other people from doing so? Ridiculous.

  2. I have just given you the Stylish Blogger Award. Click HERE to see it :)

  3. Congrats on your first review! I liked her answer about the standalone book; I wonder if she went into the writing process knowing it was going to be only one book or at a point it's just realized?
    I have to read this!

  4. Great interview! THank you for sharing Liz!

  5. Great interview Liz. You had some really great questions for the author and I now look forward to reading this book. Also, The Unwanteds sounds really good too!

  6. Great interview Liz! Too bad I was also holding out hope that there might be a sequel for Cryer's Cross but I guess its a stand alone. Also I didn't know that Lisa would have another book coming out this year and dystopian too...I like.

  7. Thanks everyone! I had this awful feeling no one would like my questions, but I'm so glad to see that wasn't the case!

    At least Lisa's new dystopian series is out later this year as opposed to next year... less waiting for us!

    Rachel- Awwww, thanks so much for the award!! :)