Once Every Never Sampler Giveaway - EXTENSION!!

8:26 PM

Hey everyone! I've decided that I'm going to extend the giveaway another week for the chance to win one of five limited edition chapter samplers of Lesley Livingston's upcoming release Once Every Never! The giveaway will now be ending February 24, 2011.

Quick Blurb:
Once Every Never is the story of a modern teen girl who spirals back in time to Rome's bloody conquest of Britain -- where she befriends the daughter of a fiery queen, falls for a fierce warrior prince, and discovers that she may be the only hope of averting a devastating blood-curse. 
I haven't received the samplers in the mail yet, so it's not like I can mail them out right away to the winners. I figure there's no harm in extending the contest since it will give you a chance to enter if you haven't yet done so!

If you want to learn more about Once Every Never and enter the giveaway, you can find more information on my previous post here. Good luck! 

Once Every Never is due out July 2011 from Penguin Canada.

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