Spotted! Cover of Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz

9:00 PM

Melissa de la Cruz revealed the cover of Lost in Time, the sixth book in the Blue Bloods series, today on her blog where she also included a short behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot!

Release Date: October 4, 2011
Publisher: Hyperion

Summary: *Caution - Possible Spoilers Ahead*
There's no official plot description yet but according to Hollywood Crush, where the Lost in Time cover sneak peek was first featured, the novel "picks up with Schuyler Van Alen and her love Jack Force forced to go their separate ways after their trip to Florence. She must travel to Alexandria to fulfill the Van Alen legacy by searching for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise, while he returns to the Big Apple to face his twin sister (and former bondmate) Mimi. Things get even more complicated when Mimi jets off to Egypt to find her former lover Kingsley Martin, all while the Coven threatens to fall apart around her." 
I bought the fifth book, Misguided Angel, but haven't read it yet. (My sister has though and I believe she enjoyed it...) My interest in the Blue Bloods series is starting to wane... maybe that's because I'm thinking the series is beginning to stretch on for too long. I guess, for some book series, I like knowing that an end is in sight and I've read somewhere that there's going to be up to nine books in the series.

Anyways, there's no harm in admiring a pretty cover right? And this one featuring Schuyler and Jack is very nice indeed!

Are you a Blue Bloods fan? What do you think of the cover?

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  1. I like it and it matches with all the previous ones. I haven't read the series but it seems to me like there's always another book coming out that its hard to keep track of.

  2. I like the series, but I'm also wondering where the plot is going. To be honest, the cover doesn't excite me much. It's probably one of my least favorites in the series.

  3. The cover is really gorgeous in some ways, and in others it doesn't really work for me. I dunno. Pretty hot, though. ;)

    But really, I agree with you... my interest in this series is basically gone. I haven't even read the last one. It's just dragging on for too long, which kind of sucks, because I definitely enjoyed the first few books, and I thought it was quite an interesting and original series.

  4. I saw the preview in MTV, I really like it!! :D
    The sad thing though is that though I'm coming to love Mimi and Demming, I'm kind of SO over Schuyler and Jack, and I feel like they are already stretching the plot VERY thin