Waiting on Wednesday - Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky

12:03 PM

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 Release Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Scholastic/Point

Summary (from Goodreads): 
From debut author Goldy Moldavsky, the story of four superfan friends whose devotion to their favorite boy band has darkly comical and murderous results.

Okay, so just know from the start that it wasn't supposed to go like this. All we wanted was to get near The Ruperts, our favorite boy band.

We didn't mean to kidnap one of the guys. It kind of, sort of happened that way. But now he's tied up in our hotel room. And the worst part of all, it's Rupert P. All four members of The Ruperts might have the same first name, but they couldn't be more different. And Rupert P. is the biggest flop out of the whole group.

We didn't mean to hold hostage a member of The Ruperts, I swear. At least, I didn't. We are fans. Okay, superfans who spend all of our free time tweeting about the boys and updating our fan tumblrs. But so what, that's what you do when you love a group so much it hurts.

How did it get this far? Who knows. I mean midterms are coming up. I really do not have time to go to hell.

Don't judge a book by its cover. That's what I keep telling myself when I look at the cover for Goldy Moldavsky's YA debut novel Kill the Boy Band. It's so plain and boring. But the plot sounds absolutely awesome! I laugh every time I read the book description for Kill the Boy Band.

When you're part of a fandom, some craziness can be expected. And I love that Kill the Boy Band takes the premise of meeting your favourite boy band member and spins everything out of control. This book sounds like just so much fun to read!

And on another note, I'm really surprised there isn't already a Korean drama with this kind of idea because K-pop fans are a passionate group! We sure love our idols. I mean, if I were a character in Kill the Boy Band, it would be like wanting to meet T.O.P and finding myself with Daesung instead. (Daesung is hilarious, but he's just not T.O.P, you know?) I still can't believe I saw BIGBANG at their MADE concert in Toronto a few weeks ago...


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