Lying and Kissing by Helena Newbury

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Title: Lying and Kissing
Author: Helena Newbury
Release Date: June 26, 2015
Publisher: Foster & Black New Adult
Pages: 388
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Overall: 4 STARS

Originally published as the serial "Undercover" (Seduced, Conflicted and Betrayed), now available as one full-length, standalone romance with HEA.

I am out of my depth. Yesterday, I was just a CIA languages geek, safe behind a desk. I thought I wanted a taste of the action.

Then I met him.

Luka. Arms dealer. Russian mafia. A man who'll kill to get what he wants. And he wants me.

Now I'm on a plane to Moscow with orders to "accidentally" run into him again. Seduce him. Sleep with him.

I can’t control myself when I’m near him. And if he finds out who I really am, I'm dead. 18+ due to steamy scenes. Trigger advisory inside book.

My Thoughts:  
I'm not really a huge fan of reading serials, mainly because I'm terribly impatient when it comes to waiting for a new novella every few months, so I was extremely pleased when I learned Helena Newbury would release "Undercover" as a full-length novel. If you love romantic suspense novels in the vein of Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick's Hitman series or Kresley Cole's The Game Maker series, then you will absolutely enjoy Lying and Kissing!!

Arianna Scott is a Russian languages analyst working for the CIA. Ever since her parents died in a tragic accident three years ago, Arianna feels like she's only been going through the motions. She spends her days transcribing private phone calls and returns home to an empty apartment at night. Over and over again. But Arianna's life is irrevocably changed when she's given her first assignment in the field.

Luka Malakov is an arms dealer and heir to the Bratva, the Russian mob... and Arianna has just been tasked with getting close to him and learning his plans for expanding into America. The problem? Luka awakens a passion in her body she's never felt before. She feels absolutely alive in his embrace, that life isn't simply passing by anymore. Arianna knows whatever she and Luka are sharing can only be temporary, because to fall in love with him would mean betraying her country, yet she's helpless against the onslaught of emotions he makes her feel.

Luka is a feared, dangerous man—no one would ever dare cross him or his father—but he allows himself to be softer and vulnerable when he's with Arianna. But what will happen when he learns of Arianna's deception? The constant risk of discovery adds a layer of tension to the storyline; as I was reading, I was anxious and on edge, wondering what would happen next.

Helena Newbury's Lying and Kissing is an underrated romantic suspense novel that definitely deserves some more love! It was a perfect balance of thrilling and romantic, and the fast pacing always kept the plot moving forward in a new direction. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but seriously, if you like romantic suspense or mafia romance books, then move Lying and Kissing to the top of your TBR right away.

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