Julia Unbound by Catherine Egan

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Title: Julia Unbound (Witch's Child #3)
Author: Catherine Egan
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Pages: 480
Source: Hardcover provided by Penguin Random House Canada
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Overall: 4 STARS

In this heart-pounding conclusion to the Witch’s Child trilogy, Catherine Egan’s masterful world-building and fiercely flawed heroine will thrill fans of The Rose Society, Graceling and Six of Crows.

Julia has been ensnared in so many different webs it’s hard to see how she’ll ever break free. She must do Casimir’s bidding in order to save the life of her brother. She must work against Casimir to save the lives of most everyone else she knows.

Casimir demands that Julia use her vanishing skills to act as a spy at court and ensure that a maleable prince is installed on the throne of Frayne. But Julia is secretly acting as a double agent, passing information to the revolutionaries and witches who want a rebel princess to rule.

Beyond these deadly entanglements, Julia is also desperately seeking the truth about herself—how is it she can vanish? Is she some form of monster? Is her life her own anyway?

With every move she makes, Julia finds herself tangled ever tighter. Should she try to save her country? Her brother? A beloved child? Can she even save herself?

The Witch's Child trilogy comes to an exhilarating finish with Julia Unbound. Casimir is still searching for Theo, determined to claim the last third of the Book of Disruption. Julia has temporarily hidden Theo at Ragg Rock, just beyond the Xianren's reach, but it won't stop him for long. Threatening her brother Dek's life, Casimir has implanted a nuyi into Julia's arm, and now she has just over a week until she loses her free will and he can control her.

As if that wasn't enough, Zara and the not-actually-executed Lady Laroche are planning a rebellion in Frayne against the dying King Zey and Agoston Horthy, his powerful prime minister. It's because of Horthy's terrible influence that witches have been hunted and drowned for decades. Everyone seems to have their own agenda... and everyone wants a piece of Julia. Using her exceptional ability to vanish, Julia must act the part of double agent, keeping an eye on Horthy and passing information to both Casimir and the witches.

Julia Unbound was stressful to read! But like in a good way? As you can see, there was A LOT happening in this book. Spying. Rebellion. A race against time. The threat of discovery. Allies you weren't entirely sure you could trust. I don't know how Julia kept it all together without falling apart, but she did her best. She stayed focused, kept her convictions, and when there wasn't much choice, she tried to pick the lesser of two evils. I really admired Julia's strength and tenacity in Julia Unbound, and it reminded me just how much she's changed and grown since the first book.

I think the best surprise about this series has been the unlikely friendship that's developed between Julia and Pia. When we first met Pia in Julia Vanishes, she was the scary henchwoman of Casimir. In Julia Defiant, Pia unexpectedly saved Julia from harm, and we learned about her tragic, heart-breaking past. She still worked for Casimir, yes, but she didn't seem like such a villain anymore. In Julia Unbound, we saw another side of Pia yet again; she was defiant and willing to side with her friend.

I feel like the witches of Frayne still didn't quite get the vengeance they absolutely deserved, but I was more than satisfied with how Julia Unbound concluded. As long as Julia and her loved ones could make it through calamity safe and together, then I was happy was for her. I've absolutely enjoyed reading the Witch's Child trilogy, with all its wonder and suspense, detailed world-building, and intriguing cast of characters. I can't wait to read whatever Catherine Egan writes next!

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