Waiting on Wednesday (87) - Rift by Andrea Cremer

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Release Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Philomel

Summary (from Penguin USA): 
Chronicling the rise of the Keepers, this is the stunning prequel to Andrea Cremer's internationally bestselling Nightshade trilogy!

Sixteen-year-old Ember Morrow is promised to a group called Conatus after one of their healers saves her mother's life. Once she arrives, Ember finds joy in wielding swords, learning magic, and fighting the encroaching darkness loose in the world. She also finds herself falling in love with her mentor, the dashing, brooding, and powerful Barrow Hess. When the knights realize Eira, one of their leaders, is dabbling in dark magic, Ember and Barrow must choose whether to follow Eira into the nether realm or to pledge their lives to destroying her and her kind.

With action, adventure, magic, and tantalizing sensuality, this book is as fast-paced and breathtaking as the Nightshade novels.

I was more of a latecomer to reading the Nightshade series but once I began reading them, I thought they were so addictive and difficult to put down! I read the final novel in the trilogy, Bloodrose, not too long ago and I'm still not sure how I feel about its ending... I think bittersweet would be the best way to describe it for now.

Anyways, I'm definitely looking forward to Andrea Cremer's Rift and learning more about the history of the Conatus, and how the events back then influenced those in the Nightshade trilogy since it will cover more about how the Searchers and Keepers came into being. It sounds like it will be really exciting! 

You can learn more about Rift from the official cover reveal on MTV's Hollywood Crush and read a sneak peek of Rift (the first chapter!) also on that website.

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  1. Oh! so this is a different series? but connected to the original one?
    I must confess I haven't read Nightshade but I keep hearing good things about it :D

    1. Rift is the first of two prequel novels that will relate to the Nightshade series. I read somewhere that even if you haven't read the Nightshade series, you'll still be able to read Rift without any problems... but if you *have* read the trilogy, you'll just be able to recognize more of the names. Hope that helps! :)

  2. I loved the Nightshade series! Though I definitely agree with you that the ending was bittersweet. I'm really excited for this one as we'll get more information about the world Nightshade takes place in and what happened before Nightshade. Great pick :)

  3. My daughter would flip over this!


  4. I am soooo excited about this one!

  5. I haven’t red the book yet but I think it’s quite nice to read since I am a book lover! Nice blog by the way.