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In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren where we share any new books or goodies we bought, received, borrowed, etc. during the week. 

This week, I got...

Received for Review:
Thanks so much to Random House Canada and Simon & Schuster Canada for sending these novels for review!   


I didn't even realize I'd bought so many books this week until I was writing my IMM post! I bought a few books one day and then a few another, and I guess it just added up by the end of the week...

I couldn't resist getting my hands on finished copies of Cinder and Why We Broke Up, especially when I found them at such a great price at Walmart and Costco along with The Alchemy of Forever and Unraveling Isobel. I also bought my very first two John Green books! I've been hearing such wonderful praise for his novels for the longest time now, but I still hadn't read one of his books. That will change soon!

And in last week's IMM, I raved about finally reading Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study, so I picked up a copy of her latest novel Touch of Power and also ordered the rest of the books in the Study trilogy. Touch of Power was amazingly good! And because I was still in the mood for fantasy novels, I finally picked up a copy of Kristin Cashore's Fire and read it yesterday. I'm also re-reading Graceling, so then I'll be all set for the release of Bitterblue in a few months!

What about YOU? Any new reads/finds this week?

And as always... Happy Reading!

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  1. ooh you have some wonderful books here!! You're so lucky you got those for review. Last week from Simon and Schuster I only got Unraveling Isobel. I wonder if we're supposed to request books from the publishers.. lol

    I definitely wanted to get the Fault in our Stars!! I also shop at Costco and Walmart for cheaper books. They have a great selection too.

  2. Oh hurray!
    You got Black Heart as well, Liz! I couldn't resist reading it right away.

  3. Great IMM! I was tempted today while at Walmart... I had three books in my hands, but put them back. I have so many to catch up on and bringing home more would create more anxiety for me. LOL

    I really want to read Every Other Day... I had an ebook through NetGalley, but it expired before I could get to it. It's being added back to my wishlist since I saw it again on your post. :)

  4. John Green! How exciting. I haven't read ANY of his books yet! I know, it's sad.

    Enjoy and happy reading!

  5. Im the same, i dont realize how many ive bought until i do my post! curse you used bookstore! hehe. great haul this week.

    Check out my IMM

  6. I loved Cinder and I really need to pick up a copy of The Fault in Our Stars soon. I'm also dying to get my hands on a copy of Black Heart. Great books!

  7. LOL that's okay, I totally do the same thing sometimes! They really do add up at the end of the week, huh? x) I really want to get my hands on a copy of Cinder but I was debating whether or not it's buy-worthy... I guess it is! I'm glad! :) Plus, you're so lucky that you have Black Heart -- I can't wait to read that book!

    Awesome mailbox, Liz! I hope you love them all! :)

  8. oh, FUN!! I love Cinder and Fire is so unique! Plus John Green books and A Touch of Power!! Great haul!

    My IMM: Colorimetry

  9. You haven't read any John Green books? Admittedly, I've only read Looking for Alaska and that was amazing! I'm waiting for some reviews come in for The Fault in Our Stars but it sounds really good. I got Why We Broke Up as well, sounds really cute!
    Enjoy all your books Liz :]

    ps. I've seen this on some other blogs--how do you shade your comments O_o I like that they look separate, rather than just all white but I don't know how to get it xP

  10. I have GOT to read Fire before Bitterblue comes out. I absolutely loved Graceling, but for some stupid reason, haven't caught up on the series yet. I LOVED ToP too (and also Maria's Outsiders books) I've heard amazing things about the Study series, so they're next on my list.

    And eeep, Alchemy of Forever! Every Other Day! Want want want! Hope you enjoy your delicious mailbox :D

  11. So many great books this week! Getting Over Garrett Delany looks so great! I've only read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, so I definitely want to check out Looking for Alaska too. I'm happy to hear you loved the Study Trilogy, I'm going to have to read those now! Happy Reading! :)

  12. It looks like most people had an awesome week this time around! :) Great mailbox, Liz!

    I actually haven't read any of Kristin Cashore's novels... I remember checking Graceling out of the library but not having the time to read it. I'll have to get to them soon!

    I really enjoyed The Alchemy of Forever and Cinder - hope you like them! I must hit up Costco soon o.O The last time I was there, they had Brian Selznick's books but the line was huuuuuuge.

    Happy reading! :D


  13. I love when we got a surprising amount of books! ;) And yours look great!
    Enjoy them all!
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.