Pariah: Issue #1 by Aron Warner

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Title: Pariah: Issue #1
Author: Aron Warner
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
Pages: 32
Source: eCopy provided by publisher

Overall: 4 Stars

Brent Marks is not a freak. He is one of the Pariah, a group of teens who become extremely intelligent after being cured of a genetic disorder. Although in most ways a normal teen, Brent is considered dangerous and is tracked down by the government who see these kids as an enormous threat. Can he evade them? What do they have planned for Brent and the others?  

My Thoughts:
Pariah is brought to us by the Academy-award winning film producer of Shrek, Aron Warner, with his first graphic novel series! To be honest, it’s my first time reaching out into reading graphic novels but I used to read manga sometimes, so I’m not considering it too different from what I’m used to except that there’s now the added bonus of colour. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I began reading Pariah… but everything I read, I absolutely really enjoyed! I thought the first issue kicked off to a fantastic start!

The only negative aspect I can think about off the top of my head is that it was too short. Right when events are getting so exciting, I discovered I had already reached the end and pouted that I couldn’t learn what was going to happen next. Not that it’s too difficult to do with a graphic novel, but I simply devoured the pages… and in a short amount of time, I already found myself invested in the story! I laughed at Brent’s sarcasm and commentary regarding his parents and fellow students, and then found myself concerned for him when he was in a tight situation.

I really liked the concept that Aron Warner has created! How awesome is it that the government is so afraid of the Vitros, these super-smart teens, that they would want to hunt them down as they’re considered a threat? Oh, wait… or it that a scary thought? In any case, I’m throwing my support behind the geeks all the way!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen to Brent Marks in the next issue! The first issue of Pariah is a great introduction into this futuristic world Aron Warner has imagined and I’m sure it will only get more exciting from here!

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  1. Mmmm... Interesting, I actually don't like Graphic novels all that much -though I love Manga.

    Still, the premise of it sounds really cool, I'll put it on the Maybe list.

    Thanks for your review