Argh! My Midterms Are Here!!

12:18 AM

I'm sure the title is self-explanatory but eeek! I have my very first two midterms this Wednesday for Sociology and Chemistry, and then next Monday I have one for Biology and the following day... Physics. *gulp* Physics is the SUBJECT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED because I think it's just that EVIL. Not to mention, I also have to write a scientific proposal draft for Biology and finish a Physics problem set for this week, and do all my Chemistry lab prep for next week as well... so I'm totally stressing right now of course because I don't have a time-turner OR a time machine to help me gain some more time to finish everying.

I will be like a zombie for awhile, so I'm not going to have much time to post anything until mid-next week unless you know, I learn something book-related that I must absolutely share!

I'm also going book shopping next week to drown out my sorrows for the tests. Reading always makes me feel better after a bad day... plus, I must get Crescendo ASAP. If I bought it now, I would be too busy reading it to actually study.

Also, you know how I was planning to have my very first giveaway? I'm still planning to do it... but the problem? I can't seem to figure out how to use Google Docs. It's sad, I know. If anyone can tell me how to use it and set it up for doing a giveaway, the help would be much appreciated!! Then, I can set that up after my midterms end and hopefully give some books away!  

Okay, I'm getting back to studying now... 

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  1. Aw, I remember all too well the stress of midterms time. Good luck! :)

  2. I am no help with Google Docs - I actually need to figure it out myself so any helpful hints you have would be great!

    Good luck with your exams!

  3. Oooo let me find the link I used for the google docs for making the entry... I found a great tutorial on Parajunkee's.... *runs to go look for it*

  4. Found it! Check it out... step by step and really easy to make. I used it for my two giveaways. :)

  5. Thanks guys! 2 Midterms down and a couple more to go early next week! (Studying really didn't seem to help- I still feel like I did really bad....)

    Thanks so much Chrystal for the link!!! ^_^ I'm going to check it out right now, but knowing Parajunkee, I'm sure it's going to be helpful!