Last Kiss by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

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Title: Last Kiss (Hitman #3)
Authors: Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 384
Source: Bought

Overall: 5 Stars

From the bestselling authors of Last Hit and Last Breath comes the next dark and sensual tale in the Hitman series that crosses the line between danger and desire...

Naomi: When I was kidnapped I thought only of survival. I don’t thrive well in chaos. That’s why I gave my captors exactly what they wanted: my skill with computers. Making millions for a crime lord who kept me imprisoned in his basement compound kept my family safe. When he was taken out, I thought my ticket to freedom had arrived. Wrong. I traded one keeper for another. This time I’m in the hands of a scarred, dark, demanding Russian who happens to be the head of the Bratva, a Russian crime organization. He wants my brain and my body. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued, but I can’t be a prisoner matter how good he makes me feel. 

Vasily: At a young age, I was taught that a man without power is a puppet for all. I’ve clawed—and killed—my way to the top so that it is my heel on their necks. But to unify the fractured organization into an undefeatable machine, I need a technological genius to help me steal one particular artifact. That she is breathtaking, determined, and vulnerable is making her more dangerous than all of my enemies combined. But only I can keep her safe from the world that she now inhabits. Soon, I must choose between Naomi and Bratva law. But with every day that passes, this becomes a more impossible choice.

My Thoughts:  
Vasily has always been a lingering figure in the shadows since we first met him in Last Hit. He's mysterious and dangerous, a hardened man weighed down by dark secrets that finally come to light in Last Kiss. Since a young age, he has tortured and killed other men to gain his terrifying reputation in the Russian Bratva, but now it's time to reveal his true intentions after years of carefully plotting behind the scenes to take out the worst and most corrupted members.

Vasily wants to lead the Bratva in a stronger, more united direction now that their leader is dead. But before he can assume the mantle, the remaining respected members give Vasily a seemingly impossible task to acquire a priceless painting that has sentimental value to the Bratva. Vasily's only hope to locate it is with the help of the enigmatic Emperor...

Naomi, known in very exclusive circles as simply the Emperor, is a talented hacker extraordinaire who can discover anyone or anything if it has left a digital footprint for her to trace. With her Asperger's Syndrome, it makes it difficult for her to understand social cues, but with a keyboard at her fingertips, she feels comfortable and at home. She's been often hurt and frustrated when others judge her as lesser because she's an Aspie, so Vasily's unexpected patience and understanding knock her off kilter as they work together.

Intentional or not, Naomi is also absolutely hilarious. She doesn't have the kind of tact in social settings that would normally stop a person from saying something aloud, so it often leads to laugh-out-loud funny results. She's so straightforward and uninhibited with her curiosity! Vasily may be shocked by it at first, but he quickly finds it endearing. In a treacherous underworld where no one can be trusted, Naomi captivates Vasily like no other woman he has met before.

Enticingly sexy and suspenseful, Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick's Last Kiss is my new favourite book in the Hitman series. Vasily and Naomi completely stole my heart, and I wish I'd read Last Kiss much sooner! I'm already excitedly counting down the days until I can read Last Hope, the next (and hopefully not final!) book in the series.

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