2013 OLA Forest of Reading Nominees Announced!

2:00 PM

The 2013 nominations for the Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading were announced yesterday morning... and I was super excited to discover which books had been nominated this year!

If you're not quite aware of what I'm really talking about, the Forest of Reading program celebrates the best of Canadian fiction, especially those for children and teens. All of the nominees are by CANADIAN authors and/or publishers! Those who participate through their schools or libraries simply have to read at least 5 of the 10 nominated novels in a program by the end of April 2013, which then culminates into an event in May called the Festival of Trees which takes place in Toronto. The winners are announced there... and readers can even meet the authors too!

The two programs I pay extra attention to are the Red Maple and White Pine categories, seeing as these novels are YA. So, without further ado, here are the 2013 nominees (links lead to Goodreads): 

2013 Red Maple Award Nominees (Aimed Towards Grades 7-8)
 2013 White Pine Fiction Award Nominees (Aimed Towards Grades 9-12)

* means I've read the book 
** means I have a copy, but haven't read it

Wow! The White Pine nominees are especially strong this year! Usually, I've maybe only read one or two of the books, but I've read half of them this time around! 
What's nice about the program is that it recognizes Canadian novels which I may never have heard about otherwise! There's usually a wide variety in the genres selected, so it's also a nice way to broaden your reading tastes.

To learn more about the Forest of Reading Program or see the rest of the 2013 nominations in the other age groups, you can find it on the Ontario Library Association's website.   

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  1. Wow that white pine list is amazing! Like you I've read quite a few of them this year and they've all been really good. It will be interesting to see who wins!

  2. YAY! Awesome sounding books. I think the only one I have read is Garrett Delaney, though, but I LOVED IT