Wild Ink by Victoria Hanley

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Title: Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market
Author: Victoria Hanley
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Prufrock Press Inc.
Pages: 350
Source: Copy provided by publisher

Overall: 4 Stars

What do you need to know to break in to the flourishing young adult (YA) market? With humor and a solid grounding in reality, author Victoria Hanley helps readers understand the ins and outs of the YA genre, how to stay inspired, and how to avoid common mistakes writers make in trying to reach teens. The book includes unique writing exercises to help readers find their own authentic teen voice and dozens of interviews with YA authors, blogging experts, editors, and agents to give inspiration and guidance for getting published. Chapters include writing exercises and self-editing techniques tailored to YA, along with encouraging words on dealing with self-doubt, rejection, and lack of time.  

My Thoughts:
Victoria Hanley's Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market is an excellent resource for aspiring writers and those individuals simply curious to learn more about the ever-growing YA market. In a clear, concise manner, Hanley uses her own personal experience as a published author as well as Q&As with literary agents, editors and other authors in explaining all the steps from deciding to write a book to the ultimate accomplishment after arduous efforts, having your work being published.

If you ever had any questions about writing and the publishing industry, you can be assured that Victoria Hanley has likely covered the topic in Wild Ink. As a book blogger and avid reader, I've learned many things about publishing over the years, but reading Wild Ink only reaffirmed that there is still so much more to learn. Finishing the first draft of a novel is only the first series of hurdles to cross! 

Without getting caught too much in the really technical details, the book gives you the confidence to fulfill your dreams of writing a novel and provides details on the next steps to be taken afterwards. Acquiring a literary agent, traditional vs. self-publishing, marketing tips, and more, it's all included in Wild Ink as well. And if you're eager to learn more writing tips and information about the publishing industry, but feel there's not enough provided in Wild Ink, Victoria Hanley has also given recommendations to other novels that may prove to be useful as well.

Wild Ink provides an informative overview of just what it really takes to write a novel and the long process required to see it finally reach shelves and eReaders. Victoria Hanley is both encouraging and straightforward in her approach to stating the common mistakes writers often make, overcoming obstacles and rejection, and the realities of what can be expected if you dream of being a published author. If I ever set out to write my own novel, I'll certainly be referring to Victoria Hanley's Wild Ink for some help and guidance. 

Thanks so much to Sourcebooks for providing this review copy!

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