Endlessly by Kiersten White

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Title: Endlessly (Paranormalcy #3)
Author: Kiersten White
Release Date: July 24, 2012 (hardcover)
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 400
Source: Bought

Overall: 5 Stars

Evie's paranormal past keeps coming back to haunt her. A new director at the International Paranormal Containment Agency wants to drag her back to headquarters. The Dark Faerie Queen is torturing humans in her poisonous realm. And supernatural creatures keep insisting that Evie is the only one who can save them from a mysterious, perilous fate.

The clock is ticking on the entire paranormal world. And its fate rests solely in Evie's hands.

So much for normal. 

My Thoughts:
I've always loved the fun writing style that makes the Paranormalcy series such a breath of fresh air to read, and Endlessly is no exception! The fast pacing of the novel doesn't allow you to pause for a breath; as soon as there's a lull in the action, Evie quickly finds herself in the thick of things all over again. Endlessly captured my full attention and I couldn't tear my eyes away even for a moment!

Evie has come a long way since Paranormalcy and she continued to grow as a character in Endlessly as well. She hates feeling like a chess piece in other people's plans all the time, but she realizes she's going to have to stop fighting her own destiny. Once someone she cares about is in danger, she's quick to jump into the fray and holds nothing back. Time is running out for every paranormal on Earth, and Evie is the only one who can help them. No pressure, right?

After meeting Jack and his mischievous personality in Supernaturally, I was quite ready to see him return in Endlessly. Even if he won't admit it right away, he's ready to atone for past mistakes and help Evie as much as he can this time around. Lend is just as adorable and lovable as ever before, always supporting Evie's decisions and giving her the confidence to believe in herself when she has her doubts about the future.

Oh, Reth! How could I ever have overlooked you in the past? While there's no question that Evie's heart belongs to Lend, I really don't think she's given the handsome faerie enough credit. His methods may be manipulative and his motives questionable at times, but there's no denying that they spur Evie into motion when she'd rather sit back and do nothing. Reth can be misunderstood sometimes, and he's had his creepy moments in past books, but he really does care about Evie and tries to protect her in his own way. 

I'm sad to see the series end, but I couldn't imagine a more exciting finish! Kiersten White wraps up the Paranormalcy trilogy in a bleeping awesome fashion, pulling out all the stops to deliver a stunning conclusion that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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  1. I loved Jack in Supernaturally so I'm excited to see him return in this one. Oh, and Reth even though he was creepy; I never did like faeries :) I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one, Liz, and see how things end!

  2. I'm glad this book turned out so great for you!
    I love Evie and Lend and even creeey Reth.
    I can't wait for my copy to arrive :D

  3. First I thought that Reth is a totally bitch but in the end I was like "No Reth don´t go you are my sweetheart"

  4. I laughed. I bawled. This series was perfect, from the sexy characters, to the sweet romance! I need another book in the series! What happens next!!! Thank you so much! This book is priceless!