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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by fellow Canadian blogger Tynga at Tynga's Reviews where we share any new books or goodies we bought, received, borrowed, etc. during the week.

You may have noticed that I've been relatively quiet this month in posting on the blog. After my exams finished at the end of April, I was kind of in a reading/blogging slump, so instead, I watched Japanese anime and dramas. They're very addictive, so whenever I started one, I found it difficult to stop until I was finished. I watched NANA (both the anime and the two movies), Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (the live-action drama version; also known as The Wallflower), Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and the movie version of Paradise Kiss.

By the time I watched all those, my summer classes at U of T were just about to begin, so I've been busy again with school every weekday. The profs are trying to cram a lot of material into our brains in very little time. But since I'm resisting the temptation to watch any more dramas until the end of June (when my classes finish), I'm going to try using my spare time again for reading, blogging and trying to catch up on the reviews I need to write.  

So... For the past four weeks, I've gotten...


Thanks so much to RazOrbill for their great monthly giveaways on their online community! I was really surprised to see that I'd won a copy!  

Received for Review:

Thanks so much to Penguin Canada, Random House Canada, Scholastic Canada and Thomas Allen & Son for sending these novels for review! Also, a warm thanks to Joanne Levy, Elissa Janine Hoole and Sara Walsh for sending me some book swag!


I may have been having a reading slump earlier, but that really didn't stop me from my book buying addiction this month! And this may shock you, but I still haven't actually read City of Lost Souls or Insurgent yet. *gasp* I think part of the reason for the delay is because I know as soon as I finish reading them, I'm going to be desperately wishing for the final books in both their series' to come out. But other than those two and This Is So Not Happening (it's technically my sister's book), I've already read all the other books I listed above that I bought!

What about YOU? Any new reads/finds this week?

And as always... Happy Reading!

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  1. I may have been having a reading slump earlier, but that really didn't stop me from my book buying addiction this month!

    Me too! Seriously, it is out of hand! And I am curious to see what you think of CoLS and Insurgent when you get around to reading them, unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by both... :/

  2. Wow great books! Enjoy Lies Beneath it was great :)

    New email follower (amugglesmagicalbookblog at yahoo).

    The Muggle
    -My Stacking The Shelves

  3. That's quite a book haul! I hope you enjoy them all :D
    And I hope you don't get to the reading slump :( those are never fun.

  4. Wow, Liz! What a fantastic haul. I'm so jealous right now :) I haven't read COLS yet either, mostly cause I wasn't such a fan of COFA (shocking, right?) I am dying to buy Hemlock and Sweet Evil! And Shadow Bound!

    Hope you enjoy all your awesome books! And glad to have you back :D

  5. SO many books. I was taking a summer course but I withdrew. I wanted a break from school. Good luck with all your books.

    Sara @ Just Another Story

  6. Oh my God you got a TON of books I don't even know where to start! Hemlock and Insurgent were really good and the rest are either on my Kindle or my TBR so I hope you enjoy them all!

    Check out my Stacking the Shelves!

  7. First Comes Love was SOOOOO good! You added a ton of great books to your shelf! I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here's my STS!

  8. That's a crazy book haul! My jaw dropped because I thought you'd gotten them all in one week lol. I don't even know where to begin, but you got an awesome stack of books!


  9. I loved First Comes Love, Insurgent and Sweet Evil!! Soo many great books!! Happy reading:)

  10. Great StS post! :) Good luck with your classes. :)

  11. Great set! I really want to read City of Lost Souls. I need to buy it. I've heard great things about Code Name Verity.
    My Bookish Recap

  12. Great haul!
    I've only read the Body Finder but loved it and need to continue with the series.

    Hope you enjoy your books.

    My Stacking Post

  13. That's a nice book haul! I know what you mean about the sequels like Insurgent - I usually wait until a series is finished - but all the gushing reviews are too much for me, so I'm going to have to read it soon :-)

  14. Awesome haul. I just recently finished City of Lost Souls and Insurgent. I cant wait to read Hemlock and Sweet Evil. Happy Reading

    My Stack

  15. I've noticed a lot of bloggers seem to love anime/manga/Japanese stuff. I feel like the odd one out.... maybe I need to give them a try some time!

    You have had an incredibly drool-worthy 3 weeks of books! HEMLOCK! I'm hoping to get my greedy hands on that soon, it looks and sounds so good. Also SUPER excited for Legacy of Tril, Lies Beneath and The Vindico. I finished Rapture today ad really enjoyed it. AND OMG OMG OMG INSURGENT. ASKIFHULSDFNJVHXCNJ. NO WORDS. TO DESCRIBE. THE EFFING. PERFECTION <3

    Happy reading!

  16. OMG. I LOVES. COLS, Insurgent and Sweet Evil were so mommy. Will be getting Hemlock, Legacy Tril and Enchanted soon!! Must read everything by Rachel Vincent and Kimberley Dertin as well <3 Fabulous haul! So many other O___O books too but I shall shut up to contain my jealousy...

    All Hail The Mail!

  17. I know its a month's worth but its still quite a selection! Happy reading and GL with U.

  18. Awesome books! I LOVE Hemlock. Lies Beneath, Endure, and Underworld. I've also been dying to read Sweet Evil! I hope you love them all!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  19. I want to read Hemlock so badly!! And Insurgent was AMAZING. It was just as good as the first one!! Love Tris and Tobias<3 I really want to read Sweet Evil too, but it never seems to be in-stores near me! So jealous!

    Happy reading!

  20. CoLS AND Insurgent...what a perfect haul!!!!!!! So jealous you got Rapture :) Fabulous haul!!!!


  21. Oh my gosh, Liz, your mailbox is FILLED with epicness this week! CoLS, Insurgent, Enchanted, Bitterblue, Shine, Ascend, Rapture, Sweet Evil, HEMLOCK... That one deserves to be in caps lock because Kathleen Peacock is a fellow Canadian and my copy should be on its way soon! (Darn the Chapters pre-order waiting thing!) I'm gasping a little that you haven't read Insurgent or CoLS too LOL but I just hope you get to them soon and love them as much as I did! :)

    Awesome mailbox, Liz! I hope you have a wonderful week! <3

  22. I bought Insurgent but I haven't read it yet either! I need to re-read Divergent because my memory is sort of fuzzy on what happened in it, LOL. And I'm glad to see you enjoyed Code Name Verity. I've seen it getting recommended a lot and I have it out from Netgalley so I need to get around to reading it!