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In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren where we share any new books or goodies we bought, received, borrowed, etc. during the week. 

This week I got...

Received for Review:

Thanks so much to Scholastic Canada, Bookurious and Simon & Schuster Canada for sending me these novels!! I'd also like to extend thanks to Ramona Wray for sending me her novel Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale which I'll reading as part of the Hex blog tour organized by Ashley at What's Your Story?.

Bookurious also sent me a poster for the upcoming YA debut novel by Ransom Riggs called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and I'll totally admit, it kind of creeps me out... S&S Canada also sent me a CoFA poster and buttons. So again, huge thanks!

My mailbox is never this busy so there may have been squealing at the wonderful surprises I was finding in the mail this week...


And even though I'm supposed to be studying for my final exams, I just couldn't resist going to the bookstore and buying some books that I've been dying to finally have in my hands! I may not be able to read them right away... but at least I have them now, right?

I bought a finished copy of The Gathering last weekend when I attended Kelley Armstrong's book signing in Toronto, and I also got a couple buttons, a postcard and a bookmark which was just some of the cool swag she giving away to everyone. I was originally going to give some to my sister but she said I could have it instead... sweet!

I've been waiting for two years for the paperback of Along for the Ride to finally come out and let me tell you, I have no intention of ever doing that again! I don't think I could take all that waiting... I was also happy that my order for The Liar Society finally came in- the novel is still nowhere to be found in stores! And oh my gosh, I'm so excited to finally read Where She Went! I'm going to have the tissues at the ready just in case. I guess you can totally tell I got a bit hyped up this week by all the new releases!

What about YOU? Any new reads/finds this week?

And as always... Happy Reading!

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  1. Okay, this IMM is full of awesome. CoFA, The Gathering, Along for the Ride, HEX!! Woo! Great books!

    Thank YOU for joining the tour, and I hope you enjoy all of your books. :)

  2. The Liar Society? Awesome! High-five, fellow Ontarian! (And does our theme song bother you? "There's no place like this where I've been"? Cause I can't find another ontarion who likes it besides me. :()

    Here's my IMM.

  3. I'm so jealous, you got some great books this week! I love, love, love Along for the Ride! Happy reading :)

  4. Woo hoo! Great haul this week! I have been dying to read Abandon by Meg Cabot. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  5. My absolute pleasure, Liz. I hope you like it! Happy reading :-)

  6. good books! i hope you enjoy them all

  7. Great book haul! I'm waiting upon my copy of "Where She Went" and 'City of Fallen Angels".

    Please check out my IMM and leave a lovely comment:

  8. Ooh, you got such an amazing batch of books this time. Really. And so many that I've been dying to read, too. Like Sarah Dessen's, Along For The Ride which I almost bought the paperback myself yesterday and I may still splurge on it Monday because I'm dying to have my hands on that book and devour it. And COFA and I'm totally jealous with envy that you got Abandon, because I so love Meg Cabot. And I love the short stories that Tessa Gratton posts weekly on livejournal, they're so amazing. :)

    Fantastic IMM! Check my journal for mine, when it goes live. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  9. You got some great books this week! I hope you enjoy them all! =)

  10. *SQUEE*!!! You've got so many awesome books this week hon!! I'm studying for finals too! :( *sigh* no reading for me this week :(.! Goodluck!!!

  11. You have so many great books! And I know I can't wait to read City of Fallen Angels!

  12. YAY for City of Fallen Angels!<3 I got it too, but I haven't started reading it yet. And you've got a lot of other awesome books too! I'm really excited about Blood Magic and The Gathering!<3
    Great IMM haul, happy reading!

  13. Your mailbox is completely epic! I'm not sure what else I can say, haha... awesome books!

  14. It's really inspiring to read about so much enthusiasm for books. Makes me glad I'm not the only one. :P

    Great haul this week!!

    Happy reading!

    My Mailbox

  15. Lots of bloggers have gotten COFA last week. I think I'm getting a copy from S&S too...sometimes it sucks living on the other side of the country, it takes longer for the mail to come. Well all the books look awesome so I'll be looking out for your reviews.

  16. You got some really great books this week. I've got both Abandon and The Blood Journals on pre-order. Hope you love them and all your reads this week!

  17. Umm you said our Mailbox this week was good? Hello? did you see yours lol I'm super jealous of your ARC of Abandon. I'm excited to see how you like it. It is one I'm beyond excited for.