2011 A-Z Reading Challenge Hosted by The Thoughts of Book Junky

10:19 PM

If you had read my 2010 Bookurious ABC's of Reading Challenge Results post, you'll know that I came so close to completely reading the entire alphabet last year! I was already keeping track for the 2011 Bookurious ABC's of Reading Challenge, even entertaining the idea of hosting my challenge of the sorts to encourage some more bloggers to get involved, but I don't have to think about that anymore because someone else is hosting one just like it with some fun prizes for participating!

Steph from The Thoughts of a Book Junky is hosting a 2011 A-Z Reading Challenge! The goal is to read the 26 books with each corresponding to the letter of the alphabet. Sounds simple, right? But some letters are actually pretty tricky... I'm really hoping I can get to all the letters this year though!

Anyways, I'm not setting up a list of the expected reads I'll get to since I prefer to fill it in as I go! (I tend to fill in the list once I've completed a novel regardless if I've read the letter already or not.) I've already started the list on my profile page on Bookurious (link takes you to the website, not my page since you need to be a member to see it), but I'll add the 2011 A-Z Reading Challenge on my Challenges page for anyone curious to see my progress!

Oh yes, I did mention Steph was giving away prizes... right? You'll get a swag pack just for joining, and by including your link to the list of participants, you'll be automatically entered to win 2 books under $25. Plus, for every book she completes on her list, there will be another giveaway! And, wait for it... it's INTERNATIONAL!! For more details and to sign up for the challenge, you can visit her blog post here.

Good luck to those participating in the challenge!!

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  1. Good luck! I hope you get all the letters done!

  2. Good luck!! :D I hope you get them all :D
    It does sounds like a great challenge

  3. What a fun challenge! There are definitely a couple letters that would be challenging, can't wait to see what you come up with Liz! Good luck:)

  4. Hi, Liz!

    I have an award for you on my blog. If you accept them then follow this link.



  5. Guess who's joining in on the fun :)

  6. lol, I saw your post Lucy! Glad you're joining in too! :)