2 Awesome Contests from 2 Debut YA Authors!

6:10 PM

I don't post about contests too much but there are 2 contests that have just begun from two 2011 debut YA authors, Beth Revis and Kristi Cook, who's novels sound wicked awesome!

Beth Ravis, author of the upcoming novel Across The Universe, is having an Epic Contest of Epic right now with a little help from her publisher Penguin/Razorbill. She's giving away 100 (ONE HUNDRED!) prizes- everything from mini swag packs with bookmarks and bookplates to ARC packs! Be sure to check out her blog here for more details, pics of the prizes, and to fill out the entry form- it's very straight-forward!

Kristi Cook, author of the upcoming novel Haven, is having a Giveaway Palooza and she's giving away some verrrrry pretty pendants, bookmarks and an ARC of Haven. You already get an entry just for commenting on her giveaway post, so why not check it out here?

Both contests are open until DECEMBER 20th and are INTERNATIONAL. 

Good luck! ^_^

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about these great giveaways! I went and entered the Across the Universe one - so excited for that book!

  2. Wow! Awesome giveaways! thanks for the info.

  3. Cool! Thanks I didnt know about the Kristi Cook one.

  4. Ahh, I looovee the 'across the universe cover' it's so pretty! O.O

  5. No problem everyone! Hopefully luck will be on our sides! :)