My Teen Read Awards Tickets... and I now have Twitter!

9:00 AM

I posted the other day about how I was going to try to get free tickets for the Chapters/Indigo Teen Read Awards which will take place on September 25... well, I got them!

Each teen was able to get a maximum of 2 tickets with photo ID and proof of age and there was a pretty good turnout of teens waiting in line!

I was going to try to arrive a bit early but I ended up getting to Indigo Yorkdale with my Mom right at 9:30 a.m. yesterday (Sat, Sept 11), which was when they started to hand them out. I waited in line for an hour before I finally got inside the store because they were sending people into the store in certain groups at a time. It was a pretty organized system that ran smoothly.

While we were waiting in line, there was a DJ in the store blasting music which could also be heard outside and he kept us entertained! He played some Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber (which cued some girly squeals), and there was even a little dance-off, though I couldn't see it from where I waited.

They were also giving away prizes if you were following them on Twitter... but I didn't have an account. It sucked. A girl not too far in front of me won a signed copy of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare and one a little behind me won a signed copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

The prizes were soon given away, but I decided then and there I would make a Twitter account. (Seriously, I literally made an account while I was waiting in line.) I've been debating awhile if I should get one or not, but I guess that was the little push I needed. 

I am a total Twitter newbie. Anyways, this is my profile on Twitter where I'm using the username midnightbloom04! If you're on Twitter, let me know so I can follow you and if you have some beginner advice, that would be much appreciated! I've also added my new Twitter link onto my sidebar under other sites where I can be found.

I may not have won a signed book, but I did win a $5 gift card for Chapters/Indigo by saying two facts about the Teen Reads Award (top right corner of first pic). The DJ made me go up front and I'm really bad at being put on the spot because my mind goes completely blank and I get all nervous. It seemed to take me forever to think of something because my brain seemed to turn into complete mush (will have to work on this in the future). I'm the kind of person who never wins anything, so I was pretty happy I got the gift card! 

By the way, today (Sunday, Sept 12) is the LAST DAY to vote for the Teen Reads Awards, so if you've been voting all along, don't forget to vote one last time!

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  1. Yay, I'm glad you were able to get tickets! I wish they had a Teen Reads type of thing when I was a teenager... still, it's awesome that they're doing it now, and that so many people were interested in it. Congrats on winning the gift card!

    Welcome to twitter! I'm following you now (I'm @BookLabyrinth) ... I just started my book blogger twitter account, but I've been using twitter personally for more than a year now. I think there are a lot of different uses for it... connecting with authors and other bloggers, sharing what you're reading, etc. I try and post links to most of my reviews on twitter, and I make sure to include the names of the author and then the publishing house, because I would say pretty much all of the publishers have twitter. It's also great to use twitter to promote contests (either ones on your blog, or other people's -- because often you can get extra entries into the contest for tweeting about it). Anyway, that is my little bit of advice. Feel free to tweet me or e-mail me or comment on my blog (whatever, haha) if you have any questions. OH, and one more thing -- your last name is showing on your twitter profile, so I wasn't sure if you were comfortable with that or not. Some people don't care, but I try and keep my last name off most stuff on the internet, so I thought I would let you know so you can edit that if you want to. =)

  2. Congrats! That is awesome. I am too old to attend Teen Reads or I would be there. It's the same day as the book signing I am going to in Brampton - which I am driving from Kingston to go to. So it would have been amazing to attend.

    Have a blast and post all about it when you get back - I would love to hear what it was like to attend. :)

    Hmmm... I haven't joined Twitter yet, but maybe I should - it seems like a lot of contests as for people to Tweet about them for extra entries and the like. If I set one up I will definately link to you and we can learn together. LOL

  3. Ashley- Thanks so much for the advice!!! I deleted my last name and added my blogger name to it to make it easier for fellow bloggers to recognize me. ^.~

    Chrystal- If/when you join Twitter, let me know! The drive from Kingston to Brampton is a long one, but the chance to meet so many authors will be worth it, I'm sure!!

  4. Congrats! I love this, I'm so glad that people are actually doing it. Everytime I go into Chapters I wish I was a teen and could vote. I hope you have a great time

  5. Oh my god!
    I have been reading your blog for FOREVER and I SAW you there!
    I was the girl who got a 5$ gift certificate for saying 2 facts right before you. xD
    What a weird coincidence!

  6. I hope you have fun! If you would love to do a guest post on our blog about the awards (I'm sure you'll be doing one for yourself) we would love it. We are too old and unfortunately cannot attend these awards although we would have both loved to.

    Just e-mail us if you are interested :


  7. So Jealous and really wished I lived in Toronto. Can't wait to hear all about it from you.

  8. Emily- OMG!! What a small world, eh? I guess there's a good chance I'll be seeing you again at the TRA's!! Did you spend the gift card already? And wasn't the 20% all books that day such a sweet deal?

    Ashley- I would love the chance to do a guest post... I'll send an email to you now!

    Jenny- Awww... It sounds like it's going to be a cool event but I'm sure there will be some cool events headed your way too in the future and then I'll be jealous of YOU then! lol ^.~