Book Blogger Hop + Follow Friday (9)

1:42 AM

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop are weekly events hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee and Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books respectively. 

This week's question/topic is: When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

I always wait until I have completely finished reading a novel before I write a review. Most of the times when I read, I usually do so in one sitting because I find it impossibly hard to put a really good book down once I begin. In most cases, I'd rather keep reading the book than break the flow and start writing a review on my laptop. Once I'm really into a story, it's rather hard to pull myself out!

It can take me awhile to right a review sometimes though. I'll pick up a book, finish it, and then if I have a lot of time still, I'll start reading another one if I can; it means that I'll put off writing a review a bit longer in that case. And then there are times where I finish a book and just can't wait to share my thoughts with others! It's really depends on my mood and how much I feel like typing that day, I guess. (Plus, sometimes, the words just don't come to me for how I can describe a book...)

What about you guys?

Well, I'm off to do some blog hopping! *hops away*

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  1. Hello, Happy Hopping.

    I'm already a happy follower. Just dropping by :)

    I wait tell the book is completely finished before I start ranting and raving about it.

    Black Disaster Fairy

  2. I don't always write a review immediately either - especially if I start reading something else! :) So many good books to read!!! Happy Hop day! I hope you're doing well! ♥

  3. Happy Hop, I always wait till Ive finished the book to write a review and in a way Im like Em and yourself as sometimes it might take me a couple of days to post a particular review as other things are happening. Im a old follower BTW.

  4. Hello-

    You stopped by my blog. Just thought I'd let you know I'm already a follower. I enjoy your reviews even when I don't comment. Sometimes Google is so slow I just don't have the time to wait for the form to come up.


  5. I find it hard to put a good book down too... and more than that, I don't want to be ripped out of the story by pausing to write reviews!!

    Check out my Hop here:
    Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday and a Giveaway!

  6. I really like waiting till the end because its really better for getting an idea of what you want it all based off of!

    Jessica’s Vision

  7. Thanks for hopping by my blog! Like you, I also wait till I'm completely finished with a book before I write the review. I usually take a day or two to gather my thoughts and then dive in to try and explain them to the world! Have an awesome weekend!

  8. I feel the same way, I want to enjoy the book I am reading and don't want to refocus on reviewing until it is all over. And I usually start a new book right away and then eventually review them all. :)

  9. I always wait until I'm done too - you're right, if you're in the middle of a good book why disrupt the flow? I do usually need to review it right away, though, or I start forgetting things!

  10. Just stopping by for the hop. I'm a new follower!

    I blog here:

  11. Hello, Happy Friday!

    I'm just stopping by for the Follow Friday. I'm an old follower.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Found you through the hop. I'm now following. See you around!

    Brad Jaeger

  13. Here for the hop...

    Loved your review of Paranormalcy. After reading about this book on just about everyone's blog, I think I better read it. It sounds amazing!

    You read a great variety of YA lit. I will definitely be back to read more reviews. If you get a chance, feel free to visit my blog. I would love to have you!

  14. Hi, Dropping by from the hop and follow. New follower. Hope you get a chance to visit mine at
    Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!


  15. Happy Hop! I'm the same. I wait til I'm finished before I write my review. I like to get the whole picture.

    Hop by and visit my blog

  16. Found your blog through Follow Friday! I'm a new follower.

    I always start reading another book before I write the review of the book I just read, ahaha. It's kind of a bad habit, but it also gives me a day to reflect on how I really feel, rather than just writing down my immediate feeligns which are sometimes unreliable.

    Anyway, if you get a chance, check out <a href=">my blog</a>. I've got a few giveaways going on at the moment.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. My reading and writing schedules are completely separate.

    Happy weekend. Come see how I write reviews

  18. I wait until I finish the book too.
    I'm a new follower from the Hop :)

  19. I'm new to the book blog world and I'm a new follower of yours as well. :)

    I like the flower theme!

    Mad Scientist