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Title: Burn (The Rephaim #4)
Author: Paula Weston
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Tundra Books
Pages: 448
Source: Paperback provided by Penguin Random House Canada
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Overall: 5 STARS

Suddenly, Gaby remembers everything.

For a year she believed she was a backpacker chilling out in Pandanus Beach. Working at the library. Getting over the accident that killed her twin brother.

Then Rafa came to find her and Gaby discovered her true identity as Gabe: one of the Rephaim. Over a hundred years old. Half angel, half human, all demon-smiting badass and hopelessly attracted to the infuriating Rafa.

Now she knows who faked her memories, and how - and why it's all hurtling towards a massive showdown between the forces of heaven and hell. 

Paula Weston's Rephaim series has loved to torment its readers with shocking cliffhangers that leave you desperate for the next book. Secrets and revelations have left us gasping as the plot took an unexpected turn. We rejoiced when we learned Jude, Gaby's beloved twin brother didn't die at all. And our hearts were left reeling when Rafa was captured by Zarael and his Gatekeepers. And now one sentence at the very end of Shimmer has changed everything again. Gaby remembers. Everything.

Burn answers all the questions that have been swirling in your mind since the very beginning of the series. What happened a year ago that left Gaby and Jude with altered memories and believing the other was dead? What caused the Outcasts to separate from the Rephaim who remained loyal to the Sanctuary, creating a rift between the twins for over a decade? And most importantly, perhaps, why does Rafa believe Gaby's feelings will change if she learns the truth of her past?

You'd think it might be overwhelming to learn so much information, but we've been preparing for this moment for years. Paula Weston has carefully dropped hints and tidbits throughout the series, faithfully leading us through the dark into the light, where all is revealed. As Gaby is hit with the onslaught of memories from the past, we meet the Gabe who her old friends are missing, the fierce warrior everyone looked up to as a leader. Gaby in the present is softer around the edges, but she's no less willing to take action and protect the innocent.

A final showdown is brewing between the forces of heaven and hell... and Pandanus Beach is about to become the epicenter. The Rephaim are all that is standing between the demons and utter destruction on earth. And let me tell you, it's a stunning, absolutely suspenseful battle you'll never forget. My heart couldn't stop racing, fueled with adrenaline and fear whenever the Gatekeepers were near. I raced through Burn, desperate to discover what would happen next, even as a part of me screamed to read slower, knowing it meant another page closer to the end. Paula Weston's Rephaim series comes to an epic, action-packed finale with Burn! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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