The Sound by Sarah Alderson

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Title: The Sound
Author: Sarah Alderson
Release Date: February 25, 2014 *Canadian Release Date*
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Pages: 320
Source: Bought

Overall: 4 Stars

The gripping new thriller from a talented new author.

When aspiring music journalist Ren Kingston takes a job nannying for a wealthy family on the exclusive island of Nantucket, playground for Boston’s elite, she’s hoping for a low-key summer reading books and blogging about bands. Boys are firmly off the agenda.

What she doesn’t count on is falling in with a bunch of party-loving private school kids who are hiding some dark secrets; falling (possibly) in love with the local bad boy; and falling out with a dangerous serial killer.

My Thoughts: 
Sarah Alderson's The Sound has everything I love to find in a romantic suspense novel. A murderer on the loose? Check. A mystery to solve? Check. A heroine who sticks to her guns? Check. A handsome and swoon-worthy love interest? Check. Check. Check! The Sound is 100% pure entertainment I'll think you enjoy reading this summer!

After an awful breakup with her boyfriend back in London, Ren Kingston accepts a job nannying for the wealthy Tripp family in Nantucket for the summer. Ren lucks out with the Tripp family – they're kind, generous, not overly demanding, and they invite her to the parties among Boston's elite. The outlook for Ren's summer looks so much brighter after all the heartbreak she recently experienced back home. But it's not too long before Ren finds herself attracted to two very different young men, and a serial killer attacking nannies sets his sight on her... 

Ren is the kind of girl who always makes the best of a situation. She's not overly confident in her skills as a nanny and she's uncomfortable being among the wealthy circle of the Tripps's friends, but she always finds a way to make it to the other side. At night, she can relax and blog about her favourite bands, but during the day, drama seems to finds her. Preppy Jeremy Thorne is quick to help her befriend the privileged teens vacationing on the island, but it's Jesse Miller, a local townie everyone warns her to stay away from, that she can't stop thinking about.

While I did really like reading The Sound, it wasn't very difficult for me to deduce quite quickly who can be trusted and who's hiding dark secrets. After reading quite a few suspense novels, it's easier to pick up on clues sooner and be able to tell which character is not a good person. It was still fun to see if my predictions were right and how the thrilling prologue would connect to the events leading up to the climax. And just when I thought I had everything figured out, Sarah Alderson threw in a twist or two that caught me off guard at the last moment! If you love a good thriller/mystery with romance, you definitely will not want to miss reading Sarah Alderson's The Sound.

I've included the book trailer for Sarah Alderson's The Sound below. Enjoy!

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  1. This definitely sounds like the kind of book I need right now. Great review!