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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by fellow Canadian blogger Tynga at Tynga's Reviews where we share any new books or goodies we bought, received, borrowed, etc. during the week. 

I'm back from Turkey! I arrived back home last Sunday, but I've been so sick all this week that I hardly had any energy to read any new books, let alone write any blog posts. I mean, I was right by my local Chapters this week and I couldn't even bring myself to walk inside and buy anything because my head felt so groggy. But I'm feeling much better now, which is a good thing too because I'm starting school tomorrow... 

Sickness aside though, I had an amazing time in Turkey! The weather was hot and sunny, and I visited many historic sites that left me staring in awe. I visited the ancient ruins of Troy and Ephesus, swam in the Mediterranean, saw amazing rock formations in Cappadocia, and so much more!

Anyways, here are the books I got in the mail while I was away on vacation!

Received for Review:

Thanks so much to HarperCollins Canada and Random House Canada for sending these books for review!

What about YOU? Any new reads/finds this week?

And as always... Happy Reading! 

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  1. sorry you were so sick! Glad you're on the mend!

    Happy to hear you had a lovely holiday!!

    Nice books this week, happy reading :)

  2. Nice books this week, happy reading :)

  3. Welcome back!

    I loved Dearly Beloved! Hope you do too

  4. Welcome back, Liz! So glad to hear that you had such an amazing time in Turkey! :) I hope you're feeling much better now.

    Ahh, I can't wait to read Dearly, Beloved and Unspoken! Hope you enjoy all your books - happy reading! <3