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I'm very excited to be taking part in the Canadian blog tour for Lisa McMann's latest release, Dead to You, which is officially hitting shelves today! If you're a fan of Lisa McMann, I'm sure you'll be eager to get your hands on a copy of Dead to You right away. Unlike her previous novels, Dead to You doesn't have any paranormal elements but the novel will still leave you wide-eyed and stunned by the time you finish the book! Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada, I was able to ask Lisa some questions... 

A page-turning realistic novel with a shocking twist from bestselling author Lisa McMann. 

Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family. It’s a miracle…at first. Then the tensions start to build. His reintroduction to his old life isn’t going smoothly, and his family is tearing apart all over again. If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he’d be able to put the pieces back together. 

But there’s something that’s keeping his memory blocked. Something unspeakable...

1) What kind of research was needed to understand the psychological effects Ethan experienced?

I had several conversations with a child/teen social worker and spoke with someone at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I also did a lot of online research.

2) As a parent, would you consider Ethan's abduction as one of your fears come to life for your own children? 

Absolutely. The thought of losing a child like that is beyond horrifying. 

3) Which character in the novel has a personality that most closely resembles your own?

I asked my husband this question. He said Gracie. :) I said yay, because I freaking heart that little girl. 

4) In Dead to You, Ethan experiences a rather embarrassing (or in his terms, "humiliating") event when he returns to school. So on a lighter note, were there any memorable moments in high school you might be able to share with us?

Oh dear. There were so many unfortunate events. One involved a handful of snot.

5) Your next upcoming novels include Crash, another YA book, and Island of Silence, the second MG book in your The Unwanteds series. Can you tell us some more about what they'll be about?

CRASH (March 2013) is the first in a new series about a girl, visions, a meatball food truck, forbidden love, and nine body bags in the snow. I can’t wait! 

The Unwanteds: Island of Silence (Sept 2012) – After the battle, things don’t go quite like everyone had hoped, Alex gets a shocking request from Mr. Today, and Aaron is out for revenge. This story ramps up the stakes in a big way. I hope you like it! I’m working on book 3 in the series now.


Thanks so much to Lisa McMann for answering my questions! And don't forget, Dead to You is out in stores today! You can also find yesterday's stop on the blog tour at YA Book Shelf.

If you'd like to learn more about Dead to You, why not check out the author video below, created by Simon & Schuster, with Lisa McMann discussing the novel or watch the book trailer? You can also learn more about Lisa McMann and her novels on her website.


Book Trailer for Dead To You:

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  1. Awesome interview. Loved the Q&A for #4. I can only imagine what a handful of snot entails for Lisa but I will say that I never let myself sneeze in public especially when I'm sick.
    Crash sounds AWESOME, too bad it's more than a year away.

    Kaity from Bitten Books