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I'm incredibly honoured to have Katie Kacvinsky on the blog today as part of "A Cornucopia of Dystopia!" hosted by Danya (A Tapestry of Words) and Casey (The Bookish Type). Katie Kacvinsky's debut novel, Awaken, is set for release in early May and it's a novel you'll surely won't want to miss! 

1) What was your initial reaction when you first gazed your eyes on the cover of Awaken?

I was completely surprised; my editor told me they were planning to have a boy and girl on the cover. But, I absolutely love this cover. It symbolizes the characters, messages and themes of my book perfectly. Carol Chu rocks my world (the artist who designed it).

2) Who was your favourite character to write in the novel?

I enjoyed writing all of my characters, but Justin was my favorite. I like intense personalities; his was a challenge to write.

3) How are you feeling knowing your debut novel will soon hit shelves in May? Nervous? Excited?

My stomach is tied in knots, but I’m trying to focus on being excited. I have been trying to get published for years now—this is a dream come true and an honor. I don’t have any expectations, I just want to enjoy the experience. And hopefully sell a few copies.

4) In Awaken, all US students must attend Digital School. If you were a student enrolled in DS, what subject would most interest you?

That’s a tough question because I’m interested in so many subjects. I had to take time off of college for a few years because I couldn’t narrow down one thing to major in. I wanted to be a geologist, writer, director, historian, scientist. I ended up getting a journalism degree because it meshed writing with all the things I was passionate about: current events, people, science, sports…

5) Do you find the use of social networking sites important in connecting with readers?

I think social networking sites are great for a lot of people, especially to share music, movie and book recommendations. Personally, I get most of my book info from friends and family. My sister is a librarian and has impeccable taste, so I always ask her for book suggestions. I’m lucky to have a wide range of friends that are book lovers and introduce me to everything from graphic novels to soldier memoirs. I love walking into bookstores and asking the workers what their favorite books are. I’ve discovered some incredible novels that way (like Destroy all Cars and Skipped Parts). I just prefer doing all of this in person. I’m not online much. 

6) In Awaken, Maddie tends to hide behind her online profiles. What are some facts about yourself that we wouldn't be able to tell about you on your own online profile?

A few random things about me: 
  • I moved nine times in two years. 
  • I’m currently obsessed with the TV show How I Met Your Mother.
  • I have a tattoo around my wrist that reads “She flies with her own wings.”

7) Without a doubt, there is definitely a growing trend in number of dystopian novels hitting the shelves. What is it about the genre that you think fascinates and interests so many readers?

I think dystopian fiction comes in waves and it’s a reflection of what’s going on in our own culture. We are undergoing so many changes right now politically and economically. We’re still going through turmoil in the Middle East and trying to rise out of a recession. There is a lot of uncertainty these days. I think dystopian is hot because when you read a book about a chaotic world, it makes your own more bearable.

8) What do you have in store for your readers next?

I have a book coming out next year called First Comes Love. It’s young adult but it’s more general fiction. It’s a love story that flips narratives between the two main characters. It’s kind of a teen angst coming-of-age story. Meanwhile, I am working on a sequel to Awaken and I hope it gets picked up. Maddie and Justin’s story isn’t over. “It’s going to be legend…wait for it…dary.”


Thanks so much to Katie Kacvinsky for taking some time out of her day to answer my questions!

Want to learn more about Awaken? You can read my thoughts on the novel by checking out my review.

And don't forget, "A Cornucopia of Dystopia!" is still ongoing! You can find the full schedule of the events here for reviews and giveaways of some of the hottest upcoming dystopian novels as well as read more author interviews!

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  1. Great interview Liz! I absolutely loved the cover and even more so that it symbolizes what's going on in the story.

    I think I love dystopian novels not only for the worlds that are created but also that the characters are always so strong.It's nice to read about people who can really stand up for themselves and what they believe in.

    And I love How I Met Your Mother too :P So much love lol

    So excited to read this!

  2. I'd kill to read the sequel! I read Awaken as a Galley last year and I can't wait to buy a copy. =D

  3. Awesome interview Liz! Thank you so much for putting this up and sharing! I cannot wait to read Awaken!

  4. Thanks for the great interview Liz. I can't wait to read Awaken!

  5. Lovely interview!
    And that cover is so beautiful!
    I love it.

  6. I love How I Met Your Mother too although I'm a bit behind on the show right now and am looking forward to the release of First Comes Love. Great interview!